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Agile Industrial is uniquely positioned to help companies improve their internal efficiencies.Our hands-on, global experience in design, development, supply chain management, quality and manufacturing; coupled with proven systems, allows us to quickly implement solutions which will eliminate waste, reduce your costs, and improve your organization’s profitability.

Agile Industrial Solutions

  • Agile Industrial CORE

    Agile Industrial CORE is the base solution which is the foundation on which to build other solutions as need by your business requirements. This solution will provide a core content management solution configured to your specific business needs.

  • Agile Industrial Proof of Delivery

    Agile Industrial Proof of Delivery is a solution which assist you in determining if all required content is in place to invoice a customer and recognize revenue to support your SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) compliance. If content is missing or incorrect, the system will notify the users so that action can be taken to resolve the issue.

  • Agile Industrial Master Document List

    Agile Industrial Master Document List is a solution which gives the users the ability to configure documentation requirements based on project types. Once the requirements are configured, the system checks to verify that the necessary content is in place. If content is missing or incorrect, the system notifies the users. This solution also provides the ability to automatically create document transmittal packages per customer requirements. As documents are submitted to external sources for review and approval, the system is tracks the document approval status.

  • Agile Industrial Data Book

    Agile Industrial Databook is a solution which allows users to configure the content requirements of a technical data book or technical construction file. As content is generated, the system will verify that no content is missing before the data book is marked as approved. This solution compiles information from many different systems and organizes it into one central location for easy retrieval as needed.

Content Management

  • Capture

    We develop solutions that improve your ongoing content capture, no matter what format your content is in. We also provide solutions that capture legacy content in an efficient and economical manner.

  • Manage

    We analyze your business processes and recommend optimizations based on best practices. From general review and approvals, to automated document generation and transmittal; we provide you with solutions based on your specific business needs.

  • Access

    We determine the best configuration to your access requirements. Whether it is access from your own internal organization, mobile platforms, or external access by your customers or suppliers; together, we develop solutions that make your content available exactly when and where you need it.

  • Integrate

    We eliminate duplicate content by integrating your essential business systems (ERP, PLM, etc.). Your systems, where content is controlled, will remain the source of control. With our innovative solutions, we can quickly integrate your systems to dramatically improve the efficiency of your business and reduce waste.

  • Measure

    We develop reports which are simple to run, and contain only the content which is necessary to make quicker, better business decisions. This reduces the amount of time which is spent generating meaningful reports and sifting through piles of unimportant content.

  • Store

    We determine the best solutions to keep your information safe and secure. We review user’s permissions, document retentions policies and server best practices in order to verify your business content is safe and protected.

The Agile Approach

At Agile Industrial, we understand that projects and objectives are dynamic. Our teams and systems are organized to adapt to customers’ changing needs, quickly responding with customized solutions. Using Agile/Scrum methodology, we seek and leverage real time feedback to deliver an actual, usable product every two weeks. We also make a point to minimize up-front costs, encouraging you to pay for only what you need to start. Agile Industrial partners with you to understand your business, objectives and priorities. We provide constant communication, accountability and results in an efficient manner.

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